Hello, my name is:
  • Latin Alphabet: Seung ho Jung
  • IPA: dʒəŋ sŋɒ
  • 한글: 정승호
  • 正體字: 鄭乘虎
  • 正体字: 郑乘虎
Jung, Seung ho
I am a:

Seung ho is a designer + technologist based in New York, USA, specializing in mixed reality experience. His parents call him "Jung the almighty merciless dark lord of black dragons," and his friends call him an embarrassment.
Check his his earlier website of illustrations and graphic designs here. See his other project, "Emoco" here.
Student@ Parsons

Design methodologies, agile prototyping, critical tinking, creative problem-solving,
and how to survive with 3 hours of sleep per day.

Design + Tech